Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks, Miss Piggy!

I officially have the most amazing coworker. We traded shifts - no big deal at all - and she bought me a whole bunch of nail goodies as a thank you! I tried to combine all the items into one manicure, but it was kind of intense for me (the rest will be in an upcoming post).

I have been fawning over this polish for a long time, and she actually got it for me by some fluke of the world being awesome. Gettin Miss Piggy With It  is my favourite things combined = red + glitter + Muppets.

I layered over Essie Wicked, which I already own.

She also got me these cute little white flower decals, which lay nice and flat, which is great.

I wanted to see how the glitter would look matte, and I quite like it! But I think it would look even better over a true red.

More pics (Sorry for the messy cuticles, I was too lazy to clean up before whipping out the camera)!

My logo, as well as my various experiments.

In Order Of Appearance:

Orly Bonder
Essie Wicked (3 coats)
OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It (1 coat, can you believe it?)
Nail Decals (Ring + Thumb)
Seche Vite Topcoat
Essie Matte About You

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