Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Extreme Couponing' Levels of Nail Polish - Or Not.

My lovely readers! Yesterday I stopped into my favourite dollar store and got a whole bunch of wonderful beauty supplies (all $2 each! can't go wrong at a price like that), and I thought I'd take some pics. I also got some secret surprise goodies after the jump, so keep reading!

Above: This mirror reminded me of doing makeup with my host sister when I was in Japan, she had a mirror just like this.

Above: Hey Vancouverites, can you guess where I am?
Below: I picked up some cheap fake nails to practice on/experiment with.

Below: Only in Chinatown could I have found such a miraculous device. A refillable cotton pad dispenser!

I also got a travel case for my tools, some nail art brushes, more cotton pads, and Pocky. But those pictures weren't quite so exciting as the following:

The other day I ordered my first ever Konad Image plates! For those who don't know, Konad makes these handy little stamping kits to do nail art, and I've been contemplating this purchase for a looong time. I bought 2 plates, m57 and m59, and the rest, from 

They make their own "special stamping polish", to which I was all "pshaw, what a rip-off, I can just use my own nail polish," until I actually used my own nail polish. It was pretty uncooperative, let me tell you. I am definitely adding those to the wishlist.

Above: Of course, flash makes every little imperfection incredibly obvious, but I love the dark magenta zebra thing going on. These are my mom's nails, and as you can probably tell, she is significantly more tan than I.

Below: And this is my very first successful Konad-icure. I went for a black lace design over a nude I made out of Essie Blanc and Essie Sugar Daddy.


Revlon Bewitching (from the new spring collection!)
Nicole By OPI Razzler Dazzler
Essie Blanc (hearts on thumbs)


Essie Blanc (3 thin coats)
Essie Sugar Daddy (4 thick coats)
Nicole By OPI Razzler Dazzler

Orly Bonder & Seche Vite Topcoat on both of us, as always.

Whaddya think?

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